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No, Things Aren’t Getting Better (Bruno Benoit) p.7


Jean Gavard, 1922–2016 (Aleth Briath, Hubert Tison) p.10


Elections to the APHG National Steering Committee p.13
Middle-School Committee (Françoise Martin) p.14
National Steering Committee, June 5. Middle-School Reform (Aleth Briat, Claude Ruiz) p.15
Presentation of a new book on European prehistory : Préhistoires d’Europe - De Néantherdal à Vercingétorix (Joël Cornette, Anne Lehoërff) p.18

APHG Press Releases

  • After the assassination of July 14 in Nice. « We are Nice, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity » p.19
  • After the assassination of Father Hamel at the church of Saint Etienne du Rouvray, July 26 « To live humanism and fraternity » p.20
  • News : Michel Rouger named head of the Alésia MuséoParc, Jacques Delpech, Honorary president of the Ile de la Réunion regional group p.21


  • With Ali Said, adviser to the prime minister, at the prime ministerial palace p.22
  • With Christophe Prochasson, presidential adviser, at the presidential palace p.23
  • The intermediate-school committee is concerned about application of the new reform and the inadequacy of schedules : A presentation of the situation for History and Geography at intermediate schools (Véronique Poggioli) p.24
  • The APHG’s proposals for classes in Civics (Franck Schwab) p.26



  • Analysis of film scenes : D. W. Griffith (1875–1948), Intolerance - Part 2 (Eric Auphan) p.31
  • Historians and Collective Memory of the Algerian War : Analysis of Commemorative Imagery Forged by the Screen (Yohann Chanoir) p.35

Europe in Class

  • The European Question in 10th-Grade (5th-Form) Curricula (Eudes Girard) p.37
  • The European Question is 11th-Grade (6th-Form) Curricula (Eudes Girard ) p.41

Geography Research

  • Cornering Land in Africa : The Northern Region of Analanjirofo in Madagascar, by Léa Fabienne Randriamahafaly-Rasolo p.42
  • From Royal Square to civic Building : Using Architecture to Teach the Enlightement by Nicolas Lemas p.46


Bibliographies (New questions).

  • “The Middle East, 1876–1980” compiled by Philippe Patriat assisted by Olivier Bouquet, Anne –Laure Dupont, Catherine Mayeur- Jouen and Chantal Verdeil (INALCO, University of Paris) p.55
  • “Science, Technology, Power and Society from the 15th to 18th Centuries (except the French Revolution) in England, France, Netherlands/United Provinces, and the Italian Peninsula” compiled by Pascal Briost (François Rabelais University, Tours, CESR) and Audrey Millet (European University Institute, Florence) p.87

Collective Memory and History

  • The 2016–17 Contest on the Resistance and Concentration Camps p.108
  • A New Educational Program for the National Commemorative Site of Mont Valérien (Marc Charbonnier) p.109


APHG recognized as a public-benefit non-profit association p.112
Supervisory editors : Philippe Nivet, Marjolaine Boutet, Philippe Lazzarotti and Alain Bernard
Coordinators : Julien Cahon and Christian Laude p.113

  • Parts III : Puting news faces on the countryside (Dir. Olivier Lazarotti) p.115
  • Parts IV : Puting news faces on agriculture (Dir. Alain Bernard) p.150


Exhibitions (Alain Laude et al) p.183


  • HG noted (Alain Laude, Claude Ruiz) p.193
  • Magazines (Alain Laude, Claude Ruiz) p.203
  • Books p.209
  • Crossword (Joseph Estèves) p.255
  • Advertisers p.256
  • Inserts / Exhibitions p.213 / 216
  • Special Picardy File p.177 / 180

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