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• Extreme Vigilance : Once Burned, Twice Shy (Bruno Benoit) p. 7

• National Steering Committee, February 1, 2015 (Claude Ruiz, Marc Charbonnier) p. 13
• Intermediate School Commission (Didier Doix, Françoise Martin) p. 17
• Teaching the Humanities Today (Sophau / APHG) p. 18
• Secondary School Commission (Séverine Tambéri, Loïc Verkarre) p. 19
• National Seminar of March 28 on the contribution of history and geography to the education of young people in a secular context, the Lycée Saint-Louis in Paris : "How to Teach the Holocaust Today" (Christine Guimonnet) p. 22
• After the January Terrorist Attacks : Results of a Survey on What Teachers Told Students p. 28
• Press Release from the Conference of Specialized Teach on the Proposed Reform of Intermediate Schools p. 30
• Motion A.P.L./A.P.H.G. on the CCF of the Vocational Baccalaureat p. 31


Collective Memory and History
Commemoration of November 11 at Marseille by the Amis du Vieux Saint-Marcel and the Association des Anciens Combattants, with a contribution from Marseille Patrimoine et Mémoire (Part Two) (Marie-Antoinette Pastor) p. 34

• Intermediate Grades
Intermediate Schoolchildren and the Mountain Infantry (Guillaume Yout) p. 35

Interpreting Images
• 10th and 12th Grade Classes (5th and Upper 6th Form)
Analysis of Film Scenes : William Wyler (1902-1981), "Ben-Hur" (1959), Part One (Eric Auphan) p. 41

Internet Chronicle (Daniel Letouzey) p. 45

• 9th and 11th Grade Classes (4th and 6th Form)
Leclerc, or, The Permanent Rebellion (Christine Lévisse Touzé and Julien Toureille) p. 51

• Report
Huts and Baobabs (Jacques Portes) p. 55

• Coordinating Editors : Jean Marie Guillon and Bruno Leroux - Part One
Editorial Committee : Sébastien Abertelli, Julien Blanc, Jean Marie Guillon, Bruno Leroux, Cécile Vast p. 65

• DVD (Yohann Chanoir, Bruno Calvès) p. 163
• Exhibitions on Prehistory (Bruno Calvès) p. 167
• The Perpignan Festival : Confrontation 51, a Youth Festival (Albert Montagne) p.168
• Exhibitions (Alain Laude and al.) p. 171
• Music (Philippe Gut, Philippe Zwang) p. 187
• Theater (Jacques Portes) p. 191

• HG Noted (Alain Laude, Claude Ruiz and al.) p. 197
• Magazines (Alain Laude and Claude Ruiz) p. 207
• Books p. 213
• Crossword (Joseph Estèves) p. 251

Inserts :
Huts and Baobabs p. 61/64
Exhibitions p. 183/186
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Cover photo : Fisherman in the region of Vinanculos, Mozambique, have caught an enormous barracuda at Tofo ; they are on the island and cannot sell it in the nearest port, because their sailboat is too slow. They must find a buyer in the luxury hotel built by South Africans on the other side of the island. © Jacques Portes.

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