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Register now and attend the international scientific and practical conference "Revolutions in contemporary history : facts, interpretations, and educational strategies" in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) from 27-28 October 2017. The conference is organised in cooperation with St. Petersburg Academy of In-Service Teachers’ Training and the St. Petersburg branch of the Association of Teachers of History and Social Sciences.

During the conference the topics of violence, freedom, culture, memory, personalities and masses will be addressed in 6 thematic workshops. In addition there will be discussions on perspectives of educational methods that involve history visualization tools, digital learning techniques as well as re-enactment of historical events.

Key questions :

  • How do we teach the Russian Revolution nowadays ?
  • How have our perceptions and understanding of the Russian Revolution changed over a 100 years ?
  • What lessons can be derived from the Russian Revolution ?
  • How has the Russian Revolution influenced the history of my own country ?

Key themes :

  • Revolutions then and now. What has changed ? The digital age of (in)stability : separatist movements, transnational terrorism, political protests and demonstrations.
  • Educational strategies in the digital age of information java-script (digital learning, responsible teaching, interactive education).

What can I expect ?

The conference fee is € 385 per participant, and will include for the entire duration of the conference :

  • Joining interesting workshops and discussions
  • Accommodation in a 3-star hotel A-Hotel Fontanka, situated in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg at the Fontanka river (single or twin rooms)
  • Transportation during all programme activities
  • Cultural programme (e.g. museum visits – Museum of Political History and the Hermitage)
  • Lunch, dinner and coffee breaks

For more information on the conference, including the programme and concept note, have a look at our event page. If you have any questions, please contact Vera Ande (vera@euroclio.eu).

Spread the word !

Please feel free to pass this message on to any contacts you feel may be interested in participating in this event.


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